3 Signs Your Hot Water Heater Needs Repair

Hot water is often taken for granted household amenity. When water heaters stop working, homeowners may scramble to find a plumbing company online. Dracut homeowners no longer must second guess the credibility of plumbers when they select New Era Plumbing & HVAC, formerly known as SDP Plumbing. In order to promote client-customer transparency, we have compiled a list of a water heater repair signs for you convince.

Keep a Safe Distance from the Water Heater’s Electrical Wiring

It is important to look but not touch a water heater’s electrical wiring if the machine begins to malfunction. Water heaters short circuit when wires dislodge from the collective circuit structure. If Dracut residents spot water leaks around the base of water heaters, it is best not to check out the circuit breaker or look for unfixed wires. Furthermore, the water heater should not be tampered with in any way if there are loose wires.

Sediment Buildup in Tanks is a Prevalent Issue

Sediment buildup is among the most common water heater issues and compromises steady energy bills, the condition of hot water, and the condition of tanks. There are many steps with cleansing the water heater tank from pesky buildups, which can become dangerous if New Era Plumbing & HVAC does not handle the cleaning. In the event of any water heater inspections and cleaning, the device must be shut off. Afterward, our plumbers will conduct the necessary precautions and remove the sediment from the tank.

There is Leaking Water

Loose or broken water heater valves often symptomize leaking water heater tanks. Do not attempt to tamper with the electrical or mop up the water in this circumstance. Getting electrocuted is a serious problem among homeowners that try to fix leaking heaters. SNew Era Plumbing & HVAC is qualified to handle this issue with causing serious harm to our technicians or a homeowner. Contact us immediately if you suspect even a minor leak.

Don’t Solve Your Water Heaters Problems on Your Own 

We care about our client’s safety more than anything else. It is not a matter of handing us water heater repair work but keeping you and your family safe from the often volatile nature of broken heaters. If you have cautiously assessed damage to your heater at a distance, gives us a call and we will be at your home in the blink of an eye!


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